snow dragon waltz


six snow dragons
doing the snow waltz
up and down the valley

Just back from some business and on the way, cruising along the terraced rice fields of Ohaga, suddenly a snowstorm of sorts unfolded.

I could not go on with the car, too windy. Like six dragons dancing the snow waltz, the different white swirls came all up the large valley, dangeling and drawing white tails behind them ... spectacular ...

If you know terraced rice fields imagine them in an April snow blizzard
. . . after a while, sunshine on the white coating
and a little later
. . . all is gone again, like that dream from last night . . .


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Gabi...
what a vivid picture you have painted here.
Hope you have your survival bag in your car...I'd hate to think you could be stuck out in this kind of thing for any length of time!

stay safe and warm and hopefully it will warm up again soon in your valley.