become a rock


夏の海 岩の間に岩となる

natsu no umi iwa no aida ni iwa to naru

summer beach -
among the rocks
I become a rock

written more than 30 years ago in Kamakura

The Haiku Foundation
. become (haiku & transformation)   

in a tent in the rain i become a climate

— Jim Kacian

gekiron tsukushi michi-yuki ootobai to ka su
gekiron tsukushi machi yuki ootobai to kasu

Kaneko Tohta, in 1961

having exhausted the heated discussion
I become the motorbike
passing on the road

having exhausted the heated discussion
I go out to town
and become a motorbike

Tr. Gabi Greve

This seems about the haiku poets enthusiastically discussing the development of modern haiku until late into the night.
When the author walks along the road, he "becomes" the bike that passes him.


この昭和30年代は俳句論の盛んな頃であった。「造型俳句論」を著し、また、この年には現代俳句協会が分裂し、俳人協会が発足している。連日連夜、激論が交わされていたことであろう。目覚めて、街を歩く時、オートバイと化 していると詠まれている。激論を尽くした爽快感を風の抵抗感を楽しむ、オートバイと化すとは、とても面白い。
source : www.shuu.org

. Kaneko Tohta, Kaneko Tota 金子兜太 .


春日差し わが心 空となり

spring sunshine -
my heart becomes
the sky

Gabi Greve, 2006
. haru no kokoro .


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Anonymous said...

We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned,
so as to have the life that is awaiting us.

The old skin has to be shed
before the new one can come.

Joseph Campbell