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My advise for starters

keep the three lines : short long short
use one season word (kigo)
use one cut marker (kireji)

Write about a personal experience, not a philosophical thought or idea.
Try to pay attention to the small things in life with all their details,
the seasonal changes of your daily human life.
Every moment of your life counts!
Be Here and Now !

The Basics, the Essence ... of Japanese Haiku
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The more I study in this field, the more I make a difference between Japanese haiku (a well defined genre with rules (yakusokugoto) to cherish
non-Japanese language haiku (mostly English, but also many other world languages now), which have created their own sets of rules and regulations to keep or ignore. Let us call them E-Haiku.

I will try and update these musings as I come along the problems.

Adjectives used in haiku

AHA, the HAIKU MOMENT Haiku no shunkan ? 俳句の瞬間 ??

Anthropomorphism - Pro and Con  Personification, Gijinka 擬人化

Beginners Mind 初心 shoshin Zen Mind, Beginners' Mind

Categories of a Japanese saijiki

Cause and Effect, C&E 。。 and the CUT

Counting Five Seven Five ... why NOT in English
..... Counting on your fingers ... in Japanese !

Creativity ... within the limits ?

CUT and Cut marker, kire, kireji ... the Basics of cutting words

DEFINITIONS ... Trying to define HAIKU ...
... also : desk ku, desk haiku

Details: How many details to pack in one haiku?

EGO and how not to anihilate it in haiku

Emotions ... Loneliness, sadness, melancholy and more Sabishisa, kanashisa and more

English-language haiku 英語ハイク eigo HA.I.KU / eisaku HA.I.KU 英作ハイク .. as seen in Japan

5 7 5 ... 5-7-5 ... five seven five ... How to cope with this problem :)

Footnotes - for translations and regional haiku

Freedom of expression within the limits ...

Ginkoo, tips for a Haiku Walk 吟行

Grammar Points of Japanese haiku

Haiga and Photo Haiku (shahai) 俳画 と 写俳

Haiku Doo, my Way of Haiku 俳句道

"Haiku without Kigo ??? " Definitions, classifications ... !!!!!

Hacket about Haiku Advise from James W. Hackett

Hokku and Haikai ... Back to the Roots !

hon-i, hon'i 本意 (ほんい) the basic meaning the traditional poetic essence

Hundred Frogs and The Sound of Water (Mizu no Oto)

I, the first person (ware, watakushi) used in haiku Japan

Imagination, Reality, Phantasy

Implied kigo, implied season

Inspiration or Desku ?

Juxtaposition, combination and the CUT ... toriawase, ichibutsu jitate, kire

Kanji, Chinese Characters and learning about Haiku 漢字

Karumi かるみ(軽み) lightness . . light-heartedness

Kidai and Kigo 季題と季語

Kigo, seasonal words ... the Basics Discussion about the use of two or more kigo in one haiku

KIRE, the CUT in English haiku A Translator's Nightmare .. :o)
..... KIRE 切れ字, the CUT in Japanese haiku

"Learn from the Pine" .. .. the twisted meaning of words of wisdom

Localism About the use of local and regional words.

MA 間, the pause created by a cut marker ... lately interpreted as "dreaming room"

Metaphor, simile and ... no gotoku, no gotoshi .

Missing, what am I missing? Understanding Japanese haiku.

Moment the ominous "haiku moment"

Motivation ... Why do YOU want to write Japanese haiku?
Why do you READ haiku ?

Modern Haiku - Gendai Haiku 現代俳句協会 in Japan

Negative Verb Forms . . . to use or not to use ?


Numbers and Dates used in Haiku ... numbers used in kigo

One Line, One Sentence Haiku ... the traps of wrong translations
One Word Haiku and One Word Haiga

Onomatopoetic Words used in Haiku

Philosophical Haiku ... trying to figure it out

Pivot ... its use in waka and haiku

PLACE NAMES used in Haiku Japan and Worldwide
..... ..... Utamakura, Place Names in Japanese Poetry 歌枕 "Poetry Pillow Words"

Plagiatism .. and Unison Haiku (shoowa 唱和), using the same lines, Déjà vu ...

POETS, Introducing Japanese Haiku Poets 

Polishing a haiku after writing it down
..... Teacher's advise, tensaku 添削教室

Question mark ... KA か and more about punctuation.

Renku, renga, haikai, linked verse 連句, 連歌、俳諧

Rhyme, rythm, alliteration too-in 頭韻

Riddles and Haiku The Real, the Surreal, the Metaphysical and you name it !
..... Koan and Haiku

Rules for Haiku ?! A general discussion. Add your opinion !

Seasons, haiku seasons and their relation to kigo

Senryu and Haiku ー 川柳と俳句
..... and ... "miscellaneous verse", zappai 雑俳

Sensei, a Japanese Haiku Teacher . and how about it outside Japan.

Shasei .. 写生 sketching from nature ka cho-fuei (kachoo fuuei 花鳥諷詠)
..... Snapshots versus oil paintings, "as it is" versus judgement

Shinko Haiku: Young and New Haiku 新興俳句
Gendai Haiku

Spelling Japanese Language, the Hepburn SystemWriting in Romaji

Spelling and writing Haiku in English
capital letters, exclamation marks, punctuation and more

Spirit, the HAIKU SPIRIT ... haikai no makoto

Stimulation of the brain through poetry ... ... smell the coffee !

Teaching haiku to children, with many references
Also good for adults !!!!!

Tentori 点取り ... writing haiku to get good points

Tsukinami Haiku 月並み俳句 Mediocre haiku, written to impress a certain audience ...

Tontoism Just short or a grammar mistake ?

Tradition ... How to incorporate a tradition and culture that is not your own?

Translating Haiku Forum .. Introduction

Translating ... some Tips on the Trade

Translating ... Discussion of Haiku by Oshima Ryota

Two ideas in one haiku ... the basics

Verbs used in Haiku

Wordless Poem Wordless Haiku

Yugen (yuugen 幽玄) Depth and mystery and more. Aesthetics coming from the Noh Theater.

Wabi and Sabi (wabi sabi) The Japanese Aesthetics of Solitude 侘び寂び 侘寂 わびさび

Zappai 雑俳, zakku 雑句 ... Miscellaneous short poems

ZEN and Haiku ... well, well, well

ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo

LINKS to Japanese Haiku Poets and famous haiku translations !!!!!

LINKS to Dictionaries and translations helps

LINKS to Kiyose, Saijiki and more about KIGO

LINKS to further articles by Gabi Greve. Happy Haiku Forum