Camellia and Samurai


... 武士の夢の後 ...

camellia blooming
in an old garden -
samurai's dreams

entertaining guests
in the sitting room -
camellia tree

I found this tree in Katsuyama.

The Samurai Residence in Katsuyama

Camellia, Tsubaki, a KIGO

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Anonymous said...

beautiful gabi-san

robert wilson


Anonymous said...

camellia blooming
in an old garden -
samurai's dreams

I like the juxtaposition of new(blooming)and old, of dreams and reality(camellia). This is a master piece for me because it is based on more than two levels.
I like the photo, too. It gave me an idea what this camellia is.In fact,I've nested in this lovely enriching site.Thank you Gabi.

Gabi Greve said...

What a lovely ku, Gabi.

Best, Bill

Thank you, Bill, for visiting the garden !

Anonymous said...

at the edge
of the samurai's dreams
the geisha's skirt

rain and the sound
of bamboo leaves