Wonderful Weeds


名も知らぬ 道端の友 雑草かな

wonderful weeds -
not knowing your name
do I know less ?


More of my WEED HAIKU

weeds are a non-seasonal topic for haiku

pulling my weeds -
what kind of a weed
is man ?

one single rose
between my weeds -
dream of enlightenment

typhoon tokage -
even the weeds
are fallen

pulling out weeds
one by one
old boyfriends remembered

problems -
weeds growing
in the summer sun

the never ending growth
of life

........................ With Photos to look at

Colors of Spring

Autumn Insects

After the storm ...

Star of Autumn

Frost on the Weeds

graves among weeds / Graeber zwischen Unkraut

Cat lurking behind weeds

Summer Sunrise

Pulling out weeds


tsuma nashi ga kusa o sakasete yuusuzumi

a wifeless man
makes his plants bloom...
evening cool

This ku was written in 1815.
The year before Issa had married with Kiku, Chrysanthemum,
after his long single life in Edo city.
Tr. David Lanoue

this man without wife
brings (only) the weeds to bloom -
evening cool

Tr. Gabi Greve

I have a garden in Japan similar to Issa's and if I do not take proper care, only sturdy weeds will grow, no flowers, no vegetables.
Still I enjoy the evening cool looking over my small weed-flowers so full of strenght and power in the hot Japanese summer.
My motto has become :
May all my weeds be wild flowers.

I guess Issa is poking fun at himself.


taberu mono wa atte you mono mo atte zassoo no ame

I've something to eat
And something to make me drunk;
Rain in the weeds.

Santoka and Ricewine


tsumi susumu kusa yori cho no agari keri

as I weed
and move forward, a butterfly
has flown up

Nao Kataoka (1885-1953)


misty dawn ~
crazy old botanist seeking
new breeds of weeds

Narayanan Raghunathan


furu mugura matsuri no kaze no todoku nari

old weeds--
the festival's breeze
reaches them

Kobayashi Issa

Alastair points out that in "Zen tradition, 'weeds' and 'brambles' are often used metaphorically for delusion/ignorance, and so one might read this verse as the spiritual rightness, or insightful wisdom (from or 'as' the festival) in its beneficence penetrating one's troublesome (lowly, common) old ways ... and doing so gently as a breeze..."
R. H. Blyth translates the mugura in this haiku as "goose grass," which he describes as a "symbol of desolation" that contrasts with the noisy, lively festival; A History of Haiku (Tokyo: Hokuseido, 1964) 1.361. Following Maruyama Kazuhiko, I have decided to render mugura, "weeds"; Issa haiku shuu (Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 1990; rpt. 1993) 288, note 1537.

Tr. and Comment : David Lanoue

mugura small creepeing weeds in marshlands
also ウグラ ugura、モグラ mogura
fam. Rubioidea
yae mugura ヤエムグラ

goose grass amerika yaemugura アメリカヤエムグラ(cleavers)

a different plant with a similar name

kana mugura かなむぐら; カナムグラ/ 金葎/葎草
Humulus japonicus
japanischer Hopfen

. . . CLICK here for Photos !

. WKD : Cleavers 葎 mugura .
..... mogura もぐら
kana mugura 金葎(かなむぐら) 鉄葎 Humulus japonicus
yae mugura 八重葎(やえむぐら)Galium spurium
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binboogusa medetaki haru ni ai ni keri

little wild daisies -
even for you now
there is spring

Kobayashi Issa

CLICK for more photos

binboogusa, Erigeron philadelphicus,
a kind of small white chrysanthemum, also called
harejion ハルジオン .
Literally it means "weed of the poor".
Skevish, Philadelphia Daisy


kigo for all winter

fuyugusa 冬草 (ふゆくさ)
weeds in winter, plants in winter

..... fuyu no kusa 冬の草(ふゆのくさ)
fuyuaogusa, fuyu aogusa 冬青草(ふゆあおくさ)green plants in winter
kansoo 寒草(かんそう) weeds and plants in the cold



kigo for the dry seasons

. Weeds in Kenya   


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Anonymous said...

Sometimes, it's the nameless weed that causes a stir, because no one knows how to classify it. Oh! to be unclassifiable!

emigre ...
my weeds have grown
sturdy roots

Cow Lady said...

Very nice weeds Gabi! I will have to follow suit and grow some more of my own. Silly me, I have been trying to grow flowers! And it just doesn't work. From now on, weeds it is!

Gabi Greve said...

I like this one a lot, Gabi.
I'm usually wary of using too much first person representation in haiku. Some people do it, some don't. But this one works for
me. Nice work. =]

Michael P.


Thanks, Michael.
It is indeed case by case with the use of the first person !

Greetings from my weeds

Anonymous said...

secluded house--
day after day more
baby grass

kakurega ya nichi-nichi kusa wa wakaku naru


by Issa, 1816

Tr. David Lanoue / http://cat.xula.edu/issa/

Gabi Greve said...

.. .. .. summer flowers -
.. .. .. not knowing your names
.. .. .. do I know less ?

Summer 2005

Anonymous said...

weeds? they are so pretty!

spring gardening
the weeds picked
for my hair