Typhoon break


typhoon break -
the long whipping tail
of an unknown bird


after number thirteen -
the tiny frog back
on his watch


We have been waiting for this typhoon Nr. 13 for a few days now, it moved soooo slow, hovering about Kyushu, but finally, it is here close to our area and will help us spend a sleepless night ...

Sitting on my veranda, I try to enjoy the racing clouds and some crows venturing in the orchard of my neighbour for dinner
... and then this little fellow on the old dry tree branch sticking out in the sky ... the highest place during a rain-less moment ...

Wish me good luck until tomorrow !

Typhoon Nr. 13 SHANSHAN(サンサン)

And as you can see from the haiku above, next morning, our frog KARL was back ... not too much damage and Number 14 well on its way !

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. Gabi Greve said...

Gabi san, I am watching the Typhoon 13 coming near your area with great anxiety.
Kyushu has been attacked and hit with big damage.
Only pray for your safety.
Namu ami dabutsu, namu ami dabutu!!

From Tokyo,




Thanks for your thoughts, Sakuo san !
It is nine in the evening now, still 10 more hours to go until we are out of the worst, hopefully !

For now, we are fine in our shaking home and not too much rain ...



Anonymous said...

after number thirteen ..

a splendid haiku!

robert wilson


Anonymous said...

with such dark clouds
are silver linings so far away?

Our prayers and thoughts for all who have typhoons.

greetings to Karl (please watchout for Haiku!)

ai... chibi