Prayer of the Rain


雨の音 屋根が教える 南無阿弥陀

sound of rain -
my roof teaches me
the Amida Prayer

ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo

雨の音 おどる達磨の 足音じゃ

sound of the rain -
Daruma is dancing
on my roof

In a dream last night, the pounding sound of the rain on my large roof started transforming into "Namu Amida Butsu", the prayer to Amida, as if he was teachting me himself to be fearless in stormy weather.
Imagine each rain drop a little Daruma dancing on the roof !
Now I am ready to live through another day of great storm ...

The Story of Daruma Dancing だるま夜話

Amida Nyorai and the Amida Prayer:
Namu Amida Butsu

My large roof ...


Dear Gabi,

If you ever publish a book of your haiku, please reserve a copy for me!

It seems I have come across haiku in which things like streams, and animals such as doves, have also chanted the nembutsu.

There is one in particular by Buson, but before that, read the explanation of the Ceremony:

"Juuya" 十夜法要 is a special ceremony for 10 days of the Amida sects of the Pure Land (Jodo), from October 5 to 10 of the old lunar calendar.
O-Juya means "ten nights.” In the Sutra of The Infinite Life, it says: “If good is practiced in the secular world for ten days and nights, it is superior to the practice of good in the Buddha’s land for one thousand years. The reason is that there are few who do bad in the Buddha’s Land. The blessings and virtues are natural and there is no creation of bad in Buddha’s land. Only this world has wickedness and the blessings and virtues are not natural.”

Because of this verse in the sutra, the O-Juya service confirms our commitment not to do any thing bad and to do every good.

anata futo cha mo dabu-dabu to juuya kana

Ah, the blessed sound!
The tea also says, "Da-bu, da-bu!"
The ten nights.

tr. Blyth

The season's holy chant
from the teapot too, "dabu, dabu"--
for ten nights.

tr. Sawa and Shiffert

And one I found by Ryoota:

shirayuki no naka ni koe ari kan nembutsu

Within the clouds
There are voices:
Winter nembutsu.

tr. Blyth

So you are in good company!


Thanks so much, Larry.
In this case here is another of our Amida experiences you might enjoy

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Anonymous said...

rain dance
on the roof

Ella Wagemakers

Unknown said...

Tokyo too , we have heavy rain last night and it keeps falling till lately in the morning.

Today we have celebrating the birth of the first grandson in Emperor's family.

Namu ami dabutu!


Gabi Greve said...


thanks for the reminder
love and peace

isa in Istanbul


All the best to you, Isa san !


And Thanks to Ella and Sakuo !


Gabi Greve said...

Wonderful Gabi san
Please post this one and the chandrika one on WHW too.

Best Wishes
Narayanan Raghunathan


Thanks and I will be honored to do so when I find the time.