Leaves in Autumn


autumn -
leaves with patterns
to wonder and ponder

shake my hand !
says the leaf and

ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo

 秋の森 そこに出会った 兜  かな 

a samurai's helmet
dangling in my woods -
wonderful autumn


Autumn leaves, red leaves (momiji): KIGO

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Gabi Greve said...

your poems are as enjoyable as the subject matter!

we, on the other hand, are going into a rather austere phase of springtime in S.Australia. It's very cold and gusty, bringing power outages, fallen branches, etc.

Last week it was warm and mild. The insects have had a rude awakening.



Good luck with your spring, Chris !



Anonymous said...

Our "autumn" is quite mild, probably due to general climate change. We are enjoying it ... while the government worries about raising the dikes.

my fortune
in the veins
of a leaf

Gina said...

Hello Gabi

i have enjoyed traipsing around your site .. so much to look at and enjoy ...

love the leaves collection and the weeds ! (thank you so much for leaving a message on my site) ...