rain through the night


rain through the night -
the sound of the nearby river
swollen again

strong rain again -
do the drowned folk leave wet spots
on heaven's floor ?


It sounds like living close to a big waterfall ... the little gulch, which usually has not water at all, runs wild ...

The whole valley is filled with these run-offs from the surrounding mountains and sounds like the wet water hell to me ...

It is amazing what kind of thoughts go through your head after five days of constant heavy downpoor, major downpoor and interludes of strong drizzle ...

Japan is going through the rainy season of the century !

and still more rain to come for the next three days ...


. My Village Ohaga, July 2006 . More about this rain front !


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

solid rain
how comfortig a day
when no-one will visit