Issa and the Seasons


Issa and the Seasons

Safekeep Copy of David Lanoue

Issa: A Seasonal Anthology

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Also introducing the Issa Haiga Pages of Sakuo Nakamura.


New Year
Apprentices' Holiday Dancing Monkey First Calligraphy First Drawing of Water First Dream First Sky Kites New Year's Day New Year's Greeting New Year's Pilgrimage New Year's Pine and Bamboo Decoration New Year's Present Picking Young Greens Spiced Sake

Sakuo Nakamura paints a haiga for the haiku of Issa and discusses the translations of David here:

Bilingual, mostly Japanese

English Only

Now back to David Lanoue and the Anthology
Baby Sparrow Bee Blossom Bracken Buddha's Death-Day Burning Field Burning Mountain Butterfly Cherry Blossom Departing Geese Departing Spring Doll Festival Frog Grafting Branches Heat Shimmers Horsefly Kitten Lark Long Day Lover Cat Low Tide Melting Snow Nightingale Pheasant Picking Tea Plowing Fields Plum Blossom Rape Flower Rice Seedlings Servants Leave for New Jobs Silkworm Spring Breeze Spring Haze Spring Mist Spring Mountain Spring Peace Spring Rain Spring Snow Swallow Violet Willow Yellow Rose Young Grass

Bamboo Shoots Bat Buddha's Birthday Cicada Cloudburst Clouds Cold Jelly Cooling Oneself Coolness Cormorant Cuckoo Deutzia Duckweed Fan Fawn Fifth Month Rain Firefly Flea Fly Green Rice Field Heat Irises Lotus Moonflower Mosquito Mosquito Larvae Mosquito Net Mosquito Smudge Pot Moss Blossom Mountain Cuckoo Parasol Peony Pink Pure Water Purification Ritual Rice Dumpling Rice Planting Short Night Siesta Snail Summer Grove Summer Room Toad Young Leaves


Autumn Departs Autumn Dusk Autumn Rain Autumn Wind Bird Clapper Bon Festival Dance Bon Lantern Bush Clover Chestnut Chrysanthemum Cold Morning Cold Night Cricket Deer Dew Dragonfly Earthworms Sing Eclipse Fireworks Fulling-block Geese of Autumn Harvest Moon Insect Katydid Lightning Locust Long Night Maiden Flower Milky Way Mist of Autumn Moon Morning-glory Mushroom Pampas Grass Paulownia Leaf Red Leaves Rice Scarecrow Snake Enters Its Hole Sumo Wrestling Tanabata Festival Wildflower Woodpecker

Basho's Death Day Blizzard Brazier Cold Fallen Leaves Forgetting the Year Frost Gods Depart Hail Hunting Ice Icicle Plover Quilt Radish Sled Snow Snow Buddha Snow Pile Snowball Soot Sweeping Ten Nights Twelfth Month Singers Winter Moon Winter Rain Winter Seclusion Winter Wind Withered Field Wood Fire Year's End

Original is here:


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