all at once
summer has come
for flowers, you and me

Hideo Suzuki

all at once
the great heat has come -
a ra ra ra ra

The rainy season finished much earlier than usual and suddenly it is hot hot hot -
more than 37 around Tokyo, and today, July 9, even 39 degrees centigrade in Yamanashi!

Heatstroke rises, as Japan sizzles
Temperatures are rising in Japan.
More than 2,500 people were treated for heatstroke in the first week of July-- about 3.6 times the previous 7 days. 3 people have died.
The mercury has soared above 35 degrees Celsius in many areas since the start of July.
The Fire and Disaster Management Agency says that among 2,594 heatstroke patients, 58 will be hospitalized for 3 weeks or more.

The 3 fatalities include a 50-year-old man in Ehime Prefecture, western Japan, who fell sick while doing some outdoor cleaning.
Aichi Prefecture in central Japan had the largest number of patients at 249, followed by Tokyo and its neighbor, Saitama.

Heatstroke sufferers have topped 7,000 since the end of May. That's 2.4 times more than the same period last year. About half were aged 65 or older.
Hot, muggy weather is expected to continue. Officials are urging people to make sure they consume lots of fluids along with salt and use air conditioners when necessary, as heatstroke can occur indoors.
Jul. 9, 2013 - NHK world news


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