strange spring


梅が咲く 桜も咲くや 春異変
ume ga saku sakura mo saku ya haru ihen

plums are blossoming
cherries are blossoming -
this strange spring


Cherry and plum blossoms together
In a rare occurrence, a cherry tree and a plum tree at a Shinto shrine in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto are blossoming at the same time.

The weeping cherry tree and the weeping plum tree are in front of the main hall of Otoyo Shrine 大豊神社 . The shrine, which was built more than 1,100 years ago, is near a popular tourist site known as the "Philosopher's Path."
The plum tree, which is estimated to be 250 years old, is about 5 meters tall. The cherry tree stands almost 8 meters tall.

Every year, the plum tree is in full bloom around March 10th until the end of the month, while the cherry tree blossoms in early April.

Temperatures were unusually high in March, causing the cherry tree to begin to blossom late last week.
A shrine official says the cherry tree and the plum tree are blossoming together for the first time in 30 years. The blossoms are likely to remain until the end of this week.

source : NHK world news Mar. 26, 2013

. Ootoyo Jinja 大豊神社 Shrine Otoyo Jinja .


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