ever more rain


July 11, 2012

ever more rain -
I am losing the battle
against the weeds

rain front at 12:00

On July 7,
we just had the most fierce rainstorm for hours,
with a lot of mudslides,
when the weather front moved from North to South.

Now the front is coming back up again,
with another 24 hours of strong rain in the forecast . . .

source : www.jma.go.jp

rain front forecast tonight at 9:00


blessings of sun and rain
let the weeds grow
same like everywhere

Hideo Suzuki

between the summer storms... greener weeds (here too)

summer storm -
my flower bed
like yours

Luce Pelletier

heavy rains end . . .
yet a forest of weeds
in the beds

Elaine Andre

grey summer dawn
I see hints of tomorrow
in each raindrop

Sandy Pray

rain on rain the weeds and i embrace

Sheila Windsor

an anthem of rain
the galvanised roof
singing at the top of its voice

Donall Dempsey

near midnight

the rain
in crescendo

no other

Bos Tsip


After all the empty threats the downpour arrives without warning. The day ages prematurely and within minutes the rain has quenched all sounds of human activity. Even the uncaring traffic falls silent and the sound of rushing water fills the precocious darkness.

Only a magpie robin persists with its song. The colours of its notes sparkle in the greyness of the rain. Then its song ends too. Now the world is only falling water.

cloudburst –
that butterfly,
where did it go?

Johannes Manjrekar

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Joys of Japan, July 2012


July 12, 2012

We only had a normal downpour last night, but other parts of Japan where hit again by strong rain.

4 dead, 16 missing as rains drench Kyushu

Torrential rains have left 4 dead and 16 missing in Kyushu, western Japan.

Rainfalls of about 100 millimeters per hour drenched Kumamoto and Oita Prefectures early Thursday morning. Nearly 500 millimeters was recorded from midnight in Aso City in Kumamoto.
The Meteorological Agency has warned of further downpours and possible mudslides and flooding on Kyushu and Shikoku regions as well as in Wakayama Prefecture on the main island Honshu.

The agency says an active seasonal rain front over the region coupled with damp hot air from the south is bringing rain clouds to Kyushu and Shikoku.
Rain has swollen many rivers in Kyushu. The agency is warning of possible flooding especially in Kumamoto and Oita, which are experiencing record rainfalls.

In Taketa City in Oita, a man in his 70s was washed away in a swollen river. Police say he was later found dead downstream.
Another man in his 80s went missing in the same city after he went to check on his rice paddies.
In Kumamoto Prefecture, 3 people died and 15 went missing.

source : NHK world news

and more to come until July 13
九州、四国、東海で200ミリ、Kyushu, Shikoku, Tokai
関東甲信150ミリ、Kanto Koshin
近畿100ミリの見込み Kinki

How dreadful is 100mm hourly rain?

Experts say hourly rain of 100 millimeters, the amount that hit some areas of Kyushu, has enough destructive power to spark a large-scale disaster.
108 millimeters of rain poured down on Aso City in Kumamoto Prefecture in a single hour on Thursday morning. That's the heaviest rainfall since the meteorological agency started to take records in the area.
The agency says hourly rainfall of over 80 millimeters causes fear and stress. It makes driving hazardous and can cause a major disaster.
Chuo University Professor Tadashi Yamada says heavy rain of the type that hit Aso, located on a caldera of Mount Aso, flows down the surfaces of mountains before being absorbed into the soil.
The quick erosion of the soil is likely to cause mudslides, and the water rapidly raises river levels, increasing the risks of flooding.
Yamada says accurately forecasting torrential rain is difficult. He advises locals to check the state of rainclouds on the weather bureau's websites and evacuate quickly when needed.
On Thursday, the meteorological agency warned Kumamoto and Oita prefectures that the size of the expected rainfall was unprecedented.
The agency decided to use the expression a month ago to send out a strong warning that the rainfall was of a type that only hit once in 50 years.
source : www3.nhk.or.jp


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