Torenia Clown Rose


トレニア - to re ni a -
a colorful clown laughs
in my garden

Torenia 'Clown Rose'

The pretty blooms of ‘Clown Rose’ have white petals spotted with rose. The striking hybrid wishbone flowers in the Clown Series are superior bedding plants. They are vigorous, heavy blooming, have low habits and come in many colors. Another perk is that these carefree bloomers require no deadheading and are particularly tolerant of high heat, humidity and full sun.

Garden Torenia is a reliable tender perennial derived from species native to tropical Asia. The pretty spreading plants have small, bright green, coarsely toothed leaves, sometimes with red-hues. Cultivars in the Clown Series tend to be a little taller than other popular varieties. Their showy tubular flowers have three lower petals, two upper petals and a distinctive wishbone-like structure inside comprised of two stamens that arch and come together.

Torenia is typically grown as an annual but will survive as a short-lived perennial in frost-free climates. It excels in filtered bright light and organic-rich, evenly moist soil. It requires regular water and is sensitive to drought, so keep it well irrigated, especially in hot, dry conditions. Container-grown plants should be watered daily. Clown wishbone flowers offer season-long color to colorful flower gardens and containers.
source : www.learn2grow.com


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