palm in snow


late snow -
the palm tree wonders
about global warming

Reaction from friends :

You should be in Canada, Gabi! Normally we're dealing with temps hovering around freezing or just a tad above, in March... instead we are in a heat wave with mid 20's Celsius... I know I should worry about global warming too,
but this sure does beat snow and ice and winter coats!!!!!

still winter
yet on the maple tree
new growth


D. and Gabi

We had such a sever drought last year....and so much loss due to fires...and this year, lots of rain/huge storm fronts creating havoc in TX....flooding, tornadoes, sink holes...it's so strange and yet we are led to believe...it's normal. We had no real winter here and so my roses were not pruned...they bloomed continuously all winter and I couldn't (didn't know how either, with such growth on them) cut into them. My yard is a swamp.

It has rained so much I have to walk the dogs on the driveway and the edges only...if they venture into the grass/way over grown weeds....they will sink knee deep in mud. I know all this is trivial compared to what is happening elsewhere in the world...but it is the "everyday" weirdness...the small things that have been getting me lately...and... in the last few years. Things like (I'm no bird watcher...but I should get a few books) birds in my yard in greater quantities and birds I have never seen before in my yard (in 30 years of living here....have to wonder what is happening at my other home in the Keys).... makes you wonder. Personally, I think it's (the weird weather) only going to get worse.

spring rain
the cannas bob
with heavy heads


On the way to global warming, expect global weirding.


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