the wise frog


the Old Frog
talks so wisely -
long live haiku

The Sound of Water
The Sound of Happiness
The Sound of Haiku

source : facebook

- Reference : "observing the sounds of the world"

Be thankful for the bad things in life.
For they open your eyes to the good things
you weren't paying attention to before.

- Unknown

source : www.boardofwisdom.com


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facebook said...

Sheila Windsor wrote :

origami frog
my haiku crosses
the pond

facebook said...

Kermit green ~
new sprouts bursting forth
in haiku

Elaine Andre

Anonymous said...

stone frog
a fly lingers
on its head

Ella Wagemakers

Anonymous said...

the sound of haiku...
in the frozen waterfall
silent water

Gennady Nov

Anonymous said...

Deer Creek...
Kermit the Frog jumps in
the sound of Muppets

Dennis Chibi

Anonymous said...

in the deep
blue of the evening
sound of frogs