jar of silence


Calligraphy shared by Ponte Ryuurui

黙壷 lit. "jar of silence",
i.e. the small private world on our own

a jar of silence
to hold all my thoughts -
winter solitude

香醇 黙壷子(もっこす) Cheers to Mokkosu!


kochuu nichigetsu nagashi

a quote from an old Chinese history book
後漢書 (Gokansho)

Ponte Ryuurui - Beyond Calligraphy

壷中日月長 (こちゅうにちげつながし,
kochuu nichigetsu nagashi.

It’s a Zen philosophy phrase which teaches us to fill our heart with both,
the small and significant things, making it rich and our life enjoyable.

In a world small as a jar the time passes in peace and harmony
(壷 – lit. a “jar”; here: an allegorical meaning of our heart, that is not bothered with unnecessary thoughts), and all evil is routed around it.

This phrase originated during late Han dynasty period
(漢朝 (206 BCE – 220 AD) in China.
A legend says that a certain old medicine man used to secretly hide in a small jar every night to sleep there. The jar sheltered him from the evilness of the world. One day, he let another person to enter the jar and rest, and the next day that person could not believe how tranquil the tiny world of the jar was. He then ordered a similar jar from the medicine man.
Till today the jar symbolises our own peaceful universe,
that each of us has to find by himself.

source : Ponte Ryuurui - Beyond Calligraphy


"Silence is the absolute poise
or balance of body, mind and spirit."

Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa), SANTEE SIOUX


pine wood
will begin to change
from the winter sleep

Gennady Nov

silent jar shattered
with thoughts in disarray
I collect the shards

Patrick Duffey

all over the sky
cloud immobile
as silence

Gennady Nov

lɹoʍ uʍop ǝpısdn ǝɥʇ
in my jar of silence –
right side up!

Karen Cesar ‎

a jar of silence-
where have gone
my jasmine tea ...

Hideo Suzuki

a jar of silence~
wrapped in a cocoon
of winter white

Elaine Andre

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