only worries -


. . . . . today the first cicada in my valley,
the first really hot summer day
with more than 36 degrees centigrade
now at 4 in the afternoon
... and my husband in hospital,
not able to help put up any shades
for the summer heat ... ufff
... this is going to be a tough week ahead ...
no mind for haiku at the moment ... only worries ....

only worries -
the hotter the day
the more


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a friend whc said...

he should get well soon!
prayers and blessings on its way by Western Union ;-)

make some of that summertimey japanese iced green tea i read about in the kigopedia

take care. wish i could do more than send good wishes. thanks for the great effort.


facebook friends said...

my thoughts and prayers are for you and your husband.
. . . . .
Wishes for speedy recovery
and many more

Anonymous said...

Above all, challenge yourself.
You may well surprise yourself
at what strengths you have,
what you can accomplish.

Cecile M. Springer