First Sun 2007



first sun -
a ray of hope
in every heart

erste Sonne -
ein Strahl der Hoffnung
in jedem Herz


2007 is the year of the Wild Boar

Inoshishi 亥 猪

The boars come very close to my home,
while we drink our evening beer.

twighlight zone -
wild boars harvesting
the fallen rice

You can see it all HERE !

Ricecakes like little wild boars, inoko mochi 猪子餅, 亥の子餅

Calendar Systems of the World


Happy New Year !
the nurse drinks tears
in her champagne

New Year's Bath -
a new cake of soap and
a fresh towel


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Our First Smile 2007 !

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Unknown said...


中村 作雄

Anonymous said...

new year ...
the earth back
at square one

January ...
the earth rolls on
a familiar groove

new sky ...
the sun rises earlier
each week

Anonymous said...

And a happy new year to you too.

All things are related

ai, Berg

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for the New Year to you to Gabi.

I cheated and looked at your card today.
I like your image and haiku.

G. from Canada

Anonymous said...

Hau'oli Makahiki

Hou to you and yours Gabi!!!!
Thank you for the card and the Daruma updates!!!

Sonia R. Martinez
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顎オッサン said...


畑 毅

haiku-shelf said...

My best wishes for the year 2007!

Gabi Greve said...

First Haiku Collection from ALL , 2007

Anonymous said...


A new year arrives and people exchange words, Happy new year!

When I hear these words, I imagine Ikkyu carrying a human skelton in Kyoto on the new year's day some hundreds years ago, as he cautioned everyone to be aware of impermanence - the reality as it is. Then, another thought popps up: just be happy at every moment - not just on the first day of the year.

Here, I see these two thoughts are one without conflict. Because if we ride the wave of moment to moment changes without us fighting against the movement, there is that sense of being united with the vast current of the universe.

Hear the chime, and song of the birds,

See the shining spider web, and changing shape of the clouds,

Smell the fresh breeze, and the pine needles,

Touch the texture of what is there, and the fir of cats,

Taste the water, and -- lobster caught from the sea...

and, Oh, the witness the thoughts that touches to the unknown...

Here comes the very happy new, new, new moment!!!

Be aware, be alert, be be!