Last Samurai


winter chill -
the last samurai
in hiding

Just saw the movie with our dear Watanabe san.
I found the landscape rather "American".

How about the above, from my neighbourhood, for a retreat?

These are not clouds.
They are trying to make smoke signals, I guess !

Much later, it dawned on me:
This was the result !

The Last Samurai, official HP

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gabi,

Actually, the scenery of "The Last Samurai" isn't American, but Kiwi. The film was shot in New Zealand. People there still talk about what a nice guy Tom Cruise is.

He was a completely normal person, not like a big star at all--picking up hitchhikers while driving through the countryside on his days off, enjoying a beer with the locals, etc.

Friends from NZ.

Anonymous said...

I like this gabi san

smoke signals
well alrighty then
a pow wow

aloha, shanna

Anonymous said...

Dear Gabi san

I saw the movie too
the last samurai imaged from Takamori Saigou.

I like Saigou san
Do you visit Kagoshima?

It is just kingdom of Saigou san presently, All most Kagoshima`s
people keep loving him very much yet.