aki no yado


人生や 我が家もただの 秋の宿 

Oh, the Human Life !
my own home just another
lodging for autumn

This house of a sword smith is near my home. It gave rise to this haiku.

If you are interested in Japanese swords,
check my article here !


Still struggeling with the proper English:

The first line is a rather .. strong .. translation of the YA in Japanese.

jinsei ya
wagaya mo tada no
aki no yado

the Japanese version could also read

jinsei ya wgami mo tada no aki no yado

wagami 我が身 ... my human body

aki no yado, an inn, a lodging. Herberge in German would be appropriate.

I want to express that my home (anyones home) is just a temporary shelter, like a temporarily used resthouse or hotel on the road of life.
The same holds for the human body (wagami).

And I feel like being in the autumn of my life right now ... close to 60 ... and winter coming soon ...


Larry qoutes Mark Twain on the subject

"Oh, this human life, this earthy life, this weary life! It is so groveling, and so mean; its ambitions are so paltry, its prides so trivial, its vanities so childish; and the glories that it values and applauds- lord, how empty!"

- No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger


Norman has even translated this haiku into Esperanto

ho, homa vivo!
mia propra hejmo nur

Norman Darlington
Translating Haiku Forum  

Japanese - Esperanto Dictionary
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waga yado wa ka no chiisaki o chisoo kana

In my cottage the mosquitoes are small;
That is all the good cheer I can offer.

For his pupil Aki no Bo, a Buddhist priest of Kanazawa, when visiting Genju-An near Lake Biwa.
..... This verse is interesting as it well represents the poet's simple life.

Classic Haiku:
An Anthology of Poems by Basho and His Followers
Asataro Miyamori
source : books.google.co.jp

source : languagegallery.blogspot.jp

Feast at my lodging
Celebrate the petiteness
Mosquito boarders

Tr. Sharon Hahn Darlin

at my hut,
all that i have to offer you,
is that the mosquitoes are small

Tr. ? nonature

in my home
even the mosquitoes are small—
feasts for a guest

Tr. Reichhold

dans ma cabane,
tout ce que j'ai à vous offrir
c'est la petitesse des moustiques

Tr. haicoutoujours

(This hokku has the cut marker KANA at the end of line 3.)

. Matsuo Basho - Archives of the WKD .


. autum melancoly - a kigo for haiku .

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Gabi Greve said...

Gabi san.
i like "my own home just another
lodging for autumn"
very much.
it seems autumn wind is living
together with you in your lovely house.



Thanks, my dear salamander san, for popping in again!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Gabi!
Eye-opening honesty ... this is what your haiku offers to me.
Thansk, C. san,
well, I just says it the way it is ...

Gabi Greve said...


what interesting reading at your blog concerning this concept, i also gathered from the different translations, the issue of sharing, as a means of bringing wholeness into our lives.

the banana leaves- -
from my backyard to wrap
my neighbour's pastelles

much love, G.

And thank you for the banana leaves. Basho would be delighted !


Albert Camus:

All men have a sweetness in their life. That is what helps them go on. It is towards that they turn when they feel too worn out.Yours is a nice blog.