Rain Rain Rain


rain rain rain
the world of lilies
the world of men

Look at the lilies in the fields
and the sparrows that fly
who are taken care of by God.
Are you less than they?


Haiku : Rain through the night

Haiku : Mimizu Earthworm

. Strong Rain on July 26 .

. Strong Rain on July 20 .

. Strong Rain on July 19 .

. Haiku : Strong Rain Yesterday Too. July 16 .

. Strong Rain in Ohaga, July 16 .

. Strong Rain and Thunder Clouds on July 14 .

.... Records of July in Ohaga, mostly RAIN RAIN RAIN ...


. Strong Rain Forecast on July 18 .

. Strong Rain Forecast on July 18 .

. Strong Rain Forecast on July 16 .


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Cow Lady said...

Rain, rain, rain,
hare no kuni

Unknown said...

ame no hi ha
ame mo mata yosi
hino mo to no kuni


Don'nt you think this is really Issa like haiku ?


Anonymous said...

Send some of that rain our way! Here in Ladysmith, WI-- and a
lot of other places in the US-- we haven't had rain for the longest
We did have some yesterday, but not enough to make up for the
long dry spell. Maybe I'll write something about the drought.

Wild Rose

Anonymous said...

hey gabi
I sympathize with you our last rain lasted for 43 days it was very depressing but after the rain stopped the flowers just popped out every where I had two dozen gardenias on one bush ..joyful