summer meditation -
my heart beats

louder and louder

Haiku should be written from real experience. I am not talking about the American Haiku Moment, rather a simple awareness of oneself alive right now.

Make this experiment.
Read the following instructions:

Close your eyes and feel yourself !

Are your legs crossed or side by side?
Is your head tilted to one side? which one?
Are your shoulders at the same hight?
...Is the left one higher? Can you really feel that?

Is your breath regular or irregular?
Is your body itching at any place?
Are your fingers tapping ?

Open your eyes. Now try and feel your sourroundings in the same way.
Any sound? Any smell? Any color to fancy your eye?

Experience is life! To be alive!
If you are alive, you should experience it every moment. Thus your life will always be full and haiku are just lurking around the corner ...

Write to me about your experiences!


early at the desk -
I see her smiling
mop in hand

A.Thiagarajan (WHCindia)


haiku is catching
the moments of life
as it is

Aju Mukhopadhyay, India


thank you for this exercise, friend.

early morning . . .
the osculating fan silences

dustin neal


is that a spider web
blowing in my

my crossed arms
protects me from what?
another truth surfaces

I noticed when I started your experience, I almost automatically crossed my arms across my chest in that protection body language ... curious, wonder what I was needing protection from? (smile).

B. from America


I close my eyes and hear the wind
when I open my eyes i see the wind blowing in the trees through my window

in my mind
calling me outside



darkened room
the ac and ceiling fan
not really helping

fuzzy eyesight
I lean towards the computer
forgetting to breath

ankles crossed
my feet swollen cantaloupes
almost summer

my butt
welded to this chair
the yard calls

Cliff Roberts
"promoting haiku awareness"
Founder and President of the Fort Worth Haiku Society,
HSA Southwest Regional Coordinator

Dear Cliff,
great you could use my little exercise for promoting more haiku awareness.


at the keyboard
air-conditioned chill
on my left arm

Bill Kenney


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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Gabi.
Great suggestion for neophyte, veteran, or someone, like me,
somewhere in between.