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You Can't Shut Other People's Mouths

"My spiritual teacher, a simple, straightforward woman who didn't mince words, used to tell me, 'You can't shut other people's mouths.' It took me years to understand that. This unlettered lady knew that we don't have any control over other people's minds. You can control only your own mind.

When you understand this, you know you needn't be concerned about what people say about you: it doesn't affect you, because your mind cannot be upset. You may feel hurt, but you will have an inner security that cannot be shaken."

"A good rule is not a complicated 'how-to' manual, but a sheltering and sustaining place. A refuge — not for hiding or avoidance, but for gathering strength,"
writes Margaret Guenther

The ancient practice of asceticism is tainted by the cultural biases of our consumer society where self-indulgence is seen as a birthright and a civic duty.

"We persuade ourselves that every moment must be lived productively; like the busy little bee, we feel a holy obligation to improve each shining hour. We would do well to take very small children or big silly dogs as our teachers."

-- Eknath Easwaran in Words to Live By

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