Spring Thunder


spring thunder -
the rattling window panes
in my kitchen


The whole valley shaking under the rage of thunder !

... but also we have the knowledge that all this has happened before and will happen again in the cycles of time !

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Look at some of those dragons responsible for the thunder !

Soga Shohaku
Takada Keihoo
Ceiling Dragon 02
Ceiling Dragon 01


shunrai, spring thunder 春雷
kigo for all spring
Thunder is not very common in spring and usually last only briefly. But with their force they can interrupt a peaceful spring scene in many ways. The thunder also shakes the insects awake and we can see more of them after a thunderstorm in spring.
If it rains before we have the first spring thunder farmers believe there will be a good harvest this year.

thunder in spring haru no rai 春の雷(はるのらい)
first thunder, hatsurai 初雷(はつらい)
(first in the new year)

"bringing the insects out", mushidashi 虫出し(むしだし)
thunder that brings the insects out
mushidashi no rai 虫出しの雷(むしだしのらい)


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Unknown said...

Now just we have spring thunder !
It is 2rd of April, 19 oclock.


Gabi Greve said...

(I like the sound of the Japanese version)




Bill said...

waiting for her
to say what's on her mind—
spring thunder

Gabi Greve said...

a weather alert
interrupts the car radio --
spring thunder

We are having our first "killer" storm of sprnig. It has spawned tornados that have killed several people north of our state and it is coming through Georgia with a vengence.

I am at work, safely. My sons are on spring break together, so, they will stay at home today, luckily. I worry a bit about my wife who has to travel some today.

ai... chibi


Take care, Chibi san, and best wishes for your family !


Anonymous said...

Dear Gabi san

Your HAIKU could have well been written about last weekend and this
morning's weather in Georgia USA. The report from the thunder was
like cannon fire!! Rattled windows as well as the wall of the house!

spring thunder --
the country lane becomes
a catarac!

In some areas there was snow as well, but our immediate area was
spared (although, I look at snow as a blessing, secretly... hee hee).

Oh my... at GokuRakuAn... snow-rain-snow, winter and spring... one
can't decide to leave and the other hasn't decided to stay!?

Certainly in past history, there should be some Japanese poets that
have written poetry for such moments? I will look in Robin D.
Gill's book "The Fifth Season" to see... back to you later.

ciao... chibi

Ella Wagemakers said...

We're having some non-agressive thunder here right now, Gabi. The kind we can go to bed in peace with.

spring thunder ...
she whispers
she's three weeks overdue

Don't think the kireji is good there but I couldn't resist it.

:>) Ella