Snow in Shadow


sunshine at least -
snow in the shadow
of a stone

Minus eight centigrade in the morning, with slight snow covering the whole world.

The water in the basin for handwashing still frozen. The basin is in fact a bowl for pounding rice.

I spend the whole morning watching the shadow-snow shrinking and shrinking, greatful for the warm sunshine but somehow touched by the powers of the dark side.


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Gabi Greve said...

Dear Gabi,
my week-ends are always warm because i feel always fine. I love the winter with ice and snow as much as the summer with heat and sun.
Every season is good for me. Winter means a sweater, the summer a T-shirt... So easy and simply like that... because I love the four seasons without small talk about rain or mist.
The sun is in my inner landscapes. Rain is good for the endive, ice for the children. I am a man without seasonal influences. I love them all.

Kind regards from a man of all seasons.

WEBSITE: http://users.skynet.be/geert.verbeke.bowls
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Thanks, Geert, for being what and who and as you are !


Gabi Greve said...

What a unusual image, Gabi.
I love it. Sharp eyes you have!

K. from Australia


sharp eyes, that is part of the daily haiku training.
you learn to see the small and the unfamiliar in an everyday landscape.

Since I can not paint well, I use my camera to catch an image and my language to compose a haiku.

My garden is always the same, on the surface.
Myself is always the same, on the surface.
But beyond that, the universe is enfolding every second !



Gabi Greve said...

Deine Stein-Photos sind
wunderbar -- sehr Zen.
Habe ueber Weihnachten denselben Effekt in Irland bemerkt und photographiert -- vor allem, wie der Schneeschatten immer etwas hinter dem Sonnenschatten hinterherhinkt ...
Deine Steine sind besonders schoen.



Vielen Dank, Isabelle, fuer deine Zeilen.

Gabi Greve said...

Dear Gabi san

The image of snow on shadow is exquisite.

white on off-white --
a shadow moves slowly over snow

long meditation:
the trees' shadow moves over snow

Snow is predicted for my area. It will be difficult to go to work
because there is no snow moving equipment in the town.

ai... chibi


Thanks Chibi san, and take care. We could not get the car home yesterday because of snowed roads and had to walk home from down the mountain ...



Anonymous said...

snow in shadow ...
on four legs a shadow
on the snow

Ella Wagemakers
*wondering if snow leopard, native to the Himalaya, could be used as a (kind of extended) kigo