Faces beggar

the old beggar -
a pockmarked face
always smiling

I am sitting in my Japanese autumn sunshine, staring in front of me on the stone you see here.
Suddenly I see a familiar face.

The beggar and his family at the roadside in front of the entrance to the quaters of the Dalai Lama in McLeod Ganj, in the Indian Himalayas close to Dharamsala.

All week we would pass him and put some money in his box, he would fold his hands in appreciation and keep smiling at us and all.

On sunday we passed again, but this time his box was not out there.
He waved his hand at us, beckoning to sit beside him.

"You gave me money every day. Today is my holiday. So I invite you for lunch. Come, sit down." And we enjoyed the most lovely lunch at the roadside, with the smiling pockmarked beggar and his family in the autumn sunshine.

I guess I am working too much at the India Saijiki
and thus these precious memories come up.

winter morning -
the begger's face
always smiling


..... INDIA SAIJIKI .....: Himalaya


. Beggars, begging and Haiku  


1 comment:

Gabi Greve said...

Dear Gabi san

I have marked in memory the liechen on stones along many paths I have walked. The patterns are natural mandalas.

Your memory is a fine one.

liechen splotch the granite rock...
dry leaves

ai... chibi


Thanks so much, Chibi san.