Typhoon Nabi 14

waiting for
mighty strong number fourteen -
katrina on my mind

September 05

dead tired -
the typhoon left a row
of destruction

September 07
We are all well and unharmed.
Finally after almost 24 hours the wind is calming down.
Uff, that was a long one !!!
Part of the roof is gone, but nothing tooooo serious.

Will be busy cleaning up for a while, though!

fallen leaves
fallen fruit and
fallen hopes

September 08
we have plenty of fallen leaves, apples, pears and other fruit from the last typhoon.
The rice harvest is also badly damaged and flat in the fields.

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Photo from Yahoo Weather Service, Japan


Read the Japan Times about
Typhoon Nabi, number fourteen


Haiku deals with nature,
should haijin therefore be involved in environmental problems ?

Haiku deals with poetry,
should haijin therefore be involved with civilization problems ?
(... poetry being a big part of civilization...)

questions raised after Hurricane Katrina are plenty.

Read this one

The thin veneer of civilization
By Timothy Garton Ash

after Katrina
the decivilized world <>
who is to know ?


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Anonymous said...

pick up apples
pick up hopes
we have a lot of jelly

ganbatsute kudasai !